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June 2018

Bride and Groom
June 15, 2018

Creative Hairstyles for a Short Haired Bride

What’s the most important choice on your big day? Some will say it has to be the dress. We couldn’t agree more, but there is another equally important thing that everyone will notice. It’s your hairstyle. The most important day of your life simply needs to be embellished by the…
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Oldtimer with Suitcase on Trunk
June 14, 2018

The Ultimate Packing List for your Honeymoon

You’ve got your honeymoon destination picked out. You’ve ordered the tickets and booked a cozy room for two. So what else do you need to do to make your honeymoon a sweet success? About the Luggage You need to make sure to tag your luggage thoroughly. Placing tags on the…
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Healthy Appetizers Ideas
June 13, 2018

20 Awesome Healthy Appetizers Ideas for Your Wedding

You have all your wedding details down pat, but what about the food? What are you planning on serving your guests? Picking the right appetizer depends on factors like theme, season, health philosophy, and more. So, check out these healthy ideas to start your celebration off right. 1. Upside-Down Mushroom…
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June 11, 2018

Purple Wedding Shoes for the Bride

Purple Wedding Shoes Your wedding day should be as unique and individual as you. A true expression of your love for each other. It’s also your day to shine in the spotlight.  Don’t let anyone try and tell you that things must be done in a certain way. Especially when…
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Understanding the Differences Between a Tuxedo and a Suit
June 7, 2018

Understanding the Differences Between a Tuxedo and a Suit

The flower arrangements are ready. The organic menu looks wonderful. The two-seat bicycle, your stand-in for the limo, awaits the big day. There’s just one thing left to decide – will he wear a tuxedo or a suit? What Makes a Tuxedo Stand Out We know a tuxedo when we…
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Bride Twirling Hair
June 6, 2018

Top 10 Ideas for Bridal Headbands

Top 10 ideas for Bridal Headband Long before the anticipated engagement, you’ve been visualizing your perfect day. All of the intricate details from the dress to the shoes to the flowers. You even knew how you were going to wear your hair. You’d already made a firm decision on what…
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