The 20 Most Beautiful Vintage Engagement Rings Over $20,000

beautiful engagement ring in a hand of a lady

The average cost of an engagement ring in the USA is $5,000, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream or splurge. Ultimately what you spend is up to you and your budget. If you are looking for a stunning and high-end ring for your loved one or perhaps you are daydreaming about a vintage engagement ring, then this selection is sure not to disappoint. Here are the 20 most beautiful vintage engagement rings over $20,000.

Vintage rings are exceptional for their unique designs and intricate details. Depending on the period they were created in, vintage engagement rings can also be rare, making them a one-of-a-kind gem for your fiancée.

There are seven different eras that each has a distinct statement and style, including the Georgian (1714-1830), Edwardian (1900-1915), Art Nouveau (1915-1985), Art Deco (1915-1935), Retro (1953-1950), and Modern (1950-present).

It’s important to keep in mind that some of these choices along with vintage rings in general, that they usually have limited availability. This limit means that a jeweler might only have one of that particular ring in stock or it’s the only one of its kind in existence.

1. The Ava Ring, by Brilliant Earth

Blue engagement ring

This deep blue sapphire is set in platinum, layered marquise, and pear diamonds. It’s 2.65 carats and priced at $27,500.

2. Lucerne by Trumpet and Horn

Diamond ring in a blue box

This 5.14 carat diamond is surrounded by another 0.25 carats and platinum. It dates back to the Edwardian Era–around the 1920’s– and is priced at $78,500.

3. Rare Deco by Estate Diamond Jewelry

Shining Diamond Ring

Created in France during the Art Deco Era of 1930, this 2.19 European cut diamond is accented by baguette-cut diamonds and a halo of antique diamonds on the gold and platinum mounting.

4. Diamond Solitaire Ring by Friar House

Engagement ring

The jeweler created this platinum 4 carat diamond ring with baguette siding in the Art Deco Era of 1930 and priced it at $37,050.

5. Vintage Buccellati Ruby Ring by Estate Diamond

Shiny red diamond ring with white diamonds around

With a unique charm, this ruby is set in 18k gold and adorned with surrounding diamonds and handcrafted engravings. M Buccellati made it in Italy in 1960 and it costs $32,000.

6. Cersei by Victor Barbone

From the Art Deco era circa 1920, this 4.21-carat three-stone ring is surrounded by dazzling sapphires and diamonds. Priced at $59,900.00.

7. Lana by Victor Barbone

Beautiful shiny Ring

The Lana Ring is from the Edwardian Era, circa 1910 and features a 4.25 carat old European cut diamond priced at $38,900.00.

8. Willoughby by Trumpet and Horn

Engagement ring

From the Art Deco, circa 1925 this platinum and 1.85 carat old European cut diamond ring is $21,250.

9. The Rossi Ring by Brilliant Earth

Brilliant diamond ring with emeralds

At $21,200, this Art Deco Era platinum reproduction ring holds an old European cut diamond with  a double halo of diamonds and French cut emeralds.

10. Fancy Light by Gatsby

Gold ring with diamond

The central diamond solitaire weighs in at hefty 3.66 carat with a distinct yellow hue from the mid-Victorian era. It’s priced at $34,000.

11. Azara by Victor Barbone

Beautiful Azara ring

The Azara Ring is from the late Edwardian era, circa 1915. It holds a 2.22 carat transitional cut diamond set in platinum and priced at $21,900.00.

12.Georgian Sapphire & Diamond Ring, by Gatsby

gorgeous blue Ceylon sapphire

This gorgeous blue Ceylon sapphire is 25.30 carat, surrounded by 54 rose cut diamonds, and priced at $34,000.

13. Art Deco by Lang

gorgeous and brilliant European-cut diamond

A gorgeous and brilliant European-cut diamond, weighing in at 2.02 carats with a price of $21,500.

14. Edwardian Cluster Ring by Farringdons

yellow gold and platinum ring in a hand of a lady

This 18 carat yellow gold and platinum ring features a 6.30 old cut diamond ring cluster. It dates back to 1910 and is selling for $50,940.

15. Three Stone Old Cut Diamond Ring by Farringdons

rare Victorian-era engagement ring

This rare Victorian-era engagement ring is from the 1880s, showcasing a gorgeous triad of old-cut diamonds totaling 3.80 carats. It’s listed at $32,700. 

16. Diamond Cross Over Ring by Berganza

 set with ring two adjacent round old cut diamonds

At $32,585, this 1940s ring is set with ring two adjacent round old cut diamonds, each having a weight of 1.45 carts and 1.37 carats respectively.

17. Emerald Diamond Cut by Estate Diamond Jewelry

At $26,00 this beautiful ring features an emerald-cut 1.72 carat diamond.

18. The Giogio Ring by Brilliant Earth

divine 18K rose gold Victorian ring

This divine 18K rose gold Victorian ring has a price tag of $20,850 and features a 2.80 carat old European cut diamond.

19. Ballinger by Trumpet and Horn

a handmade platinum ring with a diamond in a hand of a lady

Ballinger is a handmade platinum ring with a 1.60 carat diamond. Dating from an authentic Edwardian era (circa 1915) this ring is $22,300.

20. Antique Arts and Crafts Ring by Estate Diamond

a 2-carat centered diamond in a hand of a lady

Someone handcrafted the ring in the early 1900s and it holds a 2-carat centered diamond, with French-cut diamonds accenting it. The price is $22,500.00.

Vintage Engagement Rings

There is nothing quite as unique as finding a remarkable antique engagement ring in our modern world! Explore our selection of 20 beautiful engagement rings over $20,000 for inspiration in your jewelry choice or to put on your wish list.

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