10 Eco-friendly Wedding Gift Ideas

There are so many factors one needs to consider when shopping for wedding gifts and ideas although this may not come easy.

One of these factors is getting eco-friendly gifts which have a great impact on our planet as they help you stay healthier and reduce your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly products are gaining popularity because they help balance the inflow of carbon dioxide. However, eco-friendly products are not that pocket-friendly so you have to put in mind those products which won’t make you think twice on when getting these eco-friendly products as wedding gifts.

Also, not all couples will like those gigantic kitchen and furniture products and you can save some money and save the world by shopping for eco-friendly products. Below are 10 eco-friendly wedding gift ideas that will help save the world.

A Drying Rack

Every couple and family definitely need a way out of paying for a huge electricity bill which arises from drying clothes electronically and also, it gives your clothes the opportunity to get dried naturally. I know this is one of the best gifts you can get for every couple and they will no doubt appreciate. This is the perfect idea for winter and all season, you can get a rack from 10-50$ depending on the size you are looking for.

A Solar Oven

One of the best gifts you can get for a newly wedded couple is a solar oven; naturally suitable for a new home and family. It is perfect for a weekend or outdoor event. I personally recommend this as a perfect wedding gift which you should consider.

Soap Nuts

One thing about nature is that it has the answer to all our need in this earth. Soap Nuts which is from soapberry tree is one natural washing and cleaning agent that can fully replace your detergent in your home. The beautiful part is this that Soap-Nuts is biodegradable in nature, so it goes back to the soil and is acted upon by bacteria, decomposing it, thereby reducing Pollutant. This is the best for house cleaning as no chemical is in use as it is 100% natural. New couples will definitely love you for getting and introducing them to this wonderful cleansing Nuts. These Nuts are pocket-friendly, you can get almost three times the normal amount of chemical detergent.

Cloth Napkins and Cloth Paper Towels

I know you are thinking this is not necessary- a green product that helps reduce pollutant. However, it can help them to reduce waste product that causes earth and environment pollution. This is a reusable product as they keep reusing it without not having to worry about waste that will arrive from changing napkins and papers towel because the paper towel will be reusable and in-turn reduce waste from the house and environment.

Potted Herbs or Pot of Herbs

Though many families and couples appreciate houseplants/flowers/Herb trees, not many take their time to get one as they never really consider it as needy. This is one great gift ideal you can get for the newly wedded couple as it brings life to the dining table and kitchen. Potted Herbs can also be used for morning tea and something cutting to add to coffee as flavor. Though they are medicinal but not many are taking advantage of this green precious gift. When you get this to any couple they will surely appreciate you for your time taken to research the ideal gift.

An ecosystem in a Globe (EcoSphere)

This is one mystery green gift that many couples will cherish for about two to three years before replacing it themselves. This is a complete life support system enclosed in a glass. The mystery part of this green life gift is that it support itself for up to 3 years, though it can last up to 10 years, the shrimps of the eco-sphere eat up the micro-organisms in the water which is produced by the presence of some algae in the water. Many still whether this green system can last for up to 10-15 years- a question for the scientists and nature. Here’s the online link.

Eco-friendly Wine

You are probably wondering why wines, yes. Fruits and grape wines contain vitamin extract and taste better. Organic wine is exactly the type we should be consuming for home mostly as they help improve the health of growing with its reach grape and fruit extract. Organic grapevines mostly produced in California are best of eco-friendly wine which is 100% biodynamic in nature, Organic grapevines are suitable for home and restaurant.

Green giant floor puzzle

The newlywed couple could use need this in months’ time as they are expected a have a baby in the house, green start floor puzzle is eco-friendly, with 35 pieces to be arranged by the finger little baby. Organically made from recycled materials and vegetable inks, this is an ideal wedding gift for healthy children and is good for the earth because it can be recycled at any time.

Worm habitat 240L wheelie bin kit

This is a must-have for every couple as waste can be control and reduce to a minimum level with an awesome wedding gift, whether the couple is moving to a new house or existing one, this wedding gift is one they will cherish for a long time. A few worms can be added to decompose the waste materials and in return use for the garden as organic manure, this is perfect for small warm farming while managing your waste.

10 Piece Glass Bowl Set (Williams Sonoma)

This is an alternative to the plastic plate as it is an eco-friendly gift every couple would desire to have. Perfect for every kitchen and it can move from the microwave straight to the dinner table. This is also a recyclable wedding gift that adds to waste to the environment.


This has increasingly become the most soughed wedding gift every couple would love to have, as the couple can use to house some bee for the honeymoon. This eco-friendly product made from wood and bamboo is worth more than the $22-25 tag place on it. Get this for that next couple and you will forever be their heart. Here’s a link.

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